Posing Tuition, Competition Prep, Glutes & Hams  Personalised Training Plans

unnamed-1There is a huge amount of information and advice out there for bodybuilders, which can be really confusing. My interest in bodybuilding spans over 20 years, during which time I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge and experience. I’ve learned about the pitfalls, dangers and successes. Stage presence and presentation are also essential in showing off your physique to its best advantage.

I’ve experience of training for and competing successfully in a range of federations and categories including;

Personal Trainer UlverstonNABBA Toned Figure & Trained Figure

IBFA Trained Figure

Open Shows Toned & Athletic Figure

BNBF tested/drug free/long term natural Miss Athletic

I have won several regional and local titles, and am currently preparing for the BNBF British Finals.

My aim is to offer you your own bespoke package whether you are a nervous first-timer, or simply wish to improve one particular area;

Personal Trainer Ulverston




Specific glutes/hamstrings training

Stage presentation


Make up