Person-centred counselling

The person-centred approach to counselling is based on creating a space for you to talk freely without judgement. This alone can provide relief from the stresses, strains and anxiety which you may be experiencing. Provision of empathy in a genuine way means you no longer need feel alone, you have someone who is interested in … [Read more…]

Recovering from bodybuilding competition

Entering a bodybuilding competition requires commitment, dedication, focus and passion. This year I had to make the painful decision to withdraw from my final, and most important bodybuilding competition. This competition is a drug-free tested event, as someone who chooses to adhere to the WADA/IOC standards the best place to show place my physique. So … [Read more…]

Weight training for Women

Women and weight training Last week I was speaking to a woman who was telling me about her weight loss journey. During our conversation she explained that she’d been advised to do some weight training to aid further progress, and improve her shape but fear and lack of knowledge was holding her back. Women tend … [Read more…]